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Richard Canfield

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Secrets of Canada’s Wealthiest Families

Don’t Be Surprised If You’ve Never Heard Of This Proven System For Securing Your Family’s Wealth And Growing Your Freedom.

Hello, fellow Canadian,

My name is Richard Canfield. I’m a Certified Infinite Banking Practitioner. This certification comes directly from the Nelson Nash Institute. R. Nelson Nash, an incredible mentor, and friend of mine developed The Infinite Banking Concept® – a simple, “hiding in plain sight” method for setting up your own Private Wealth System and finally feeling confident about your financial future.

A system is defined as:

1. A regular interacting or interdependent group of items forming a unified whole.

2. An organized set of doctrines, ideas, or principles usually intended to explain the arrangement or working of a systematic whole. 

In the next few minutes, you’re going to learn how many of the wealthiest families in Canada build and compound their fortunes by following a very simple blueprint… or system, and how you can do it too.

You’ll see how being rich in the first place isn’t a requirement to get in the door.

In fact, you can get started building your own Private Wealth System—the ultimate vehicle for your prosperity and your family’s security—up and running in as little as 21 days, with just $5,000 (or $400/mo).

Just Like The Wealthiest Families in Canada

When we think of rich families in Canada, the Thompsons, Stronachs, and Pattisons come to mind. We think of titans of industry and trust-fund kids.

Now, you and I may never reach their nine or ten-figure net worths, complete with on-call private jets, beautiful homes around the world, and all that ultra-luxe stuff.

But imagine feeling confident about retiring comfortably, secure in the knowledge that your “warehouse of wealth” is store inside of a Private System. A system that grows on autopilot regardless of the market turmoil or who is running for President or Prime Minister of a Country.

Imagine always having ample cash to provide for your family’s necessities… plus the fun things to put big smiles on their faces.

And imagine ultimately leaving a legacy of wealth for your children and grandchildren. With your actions today you can set up a clear path to multi-generational wealth. 

Sound good?

Then it’s time for you to start your own Private Wealth System. A method that helps you create a storage facility for your lifelong cashflow. 

In R. Nelson Nash’s best-selling book “Becoming Your Own Banker©“, he shows us that The Infinite Banking Concep® is a process of taking back control of your lifelong cashflow and savings so you can tackle the financing aspects of every major purchase you make during your lifetime. Now, by “Becoming Your Own Banker©“, I’m talking about something quite different from what you probably think fo when you hear the word “BANK”

I want to be clear — I’m not talking about a brick-and-mortar bank with tellers and ATMs. You are not going to be getting a bank charter or trying to set up shop to compete with the big guys and take deposits from your friends and neighbors… that’s crazy! In fact, in order to do something like that you have to have a legitimate Bank Charter and I suspect that would be quite the process that would take years and tonnes of capital. No, instead you will be taking control of the process of financing in your life by implementing the core principles a traditional lender uses. All of this will be accomplished using The Private Wealth System. 

Let me explain…

This Ain’t Your Parents’ Economy

You’re probably reading this because you’re frustrated with the traditional, slow path to building wealth.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize mutual funds, RRSP, and GIC returns of 2% are never going to add up fast enough. Where you place your money financial prison that locks up the capital so you cannot use it anywhere else and let the market roller coaster decide if and when you might be able to retire…

And at those paltry returns, a loss of any size – even a small dip – is crippling.

Let’s not forget inflation.  Like battery acid, inflation eats away your savings, making you poorer every single month.

The financial plan we learned from our parents is failing.  We can’t count on the Canadian government to wave a magic wand and guarantee a comfortable retirement anymore.

It’s time for a modern-day plan to cope with a modern-day economy.

The Cold, Hard Truth of Mutual Funds

Mutuals were once considered the Holy Grail of middle-class investing.

Theoretically, they seem like a good idea: By spreading your investment risk across a number of stocks you’re supposed to avoid the lowest lows.

But what has really happened?  Have mutual funds made Canadians richer?

Just think back for a moment…remember the 2008 financial crisis… the boom and following bust, the market turmoil that happens before and after every single presidential election. Aren’t you tired of leaving your financial dreams at the whim of global markets that don’t even know who you are…

Over the last 5 – 10 years it’s downright sad how many Canadians over 50 have been forced to postpone retirement or keep working to the bitter end, just to survive.  Maybe even someone you know. 

Their exciting trips overseas have to wait another 5 years.

Their home-renovation plans have been postponed another 24 months.

They resign themselves to another full year or two of grinding through the daily commute and battling our brutal Canadian winters.

Robbed of their Golden Years

With their investments far weaker than expected, so many retirement-age Canadians are left with two unappealing options:

1) Keep working the daily grind.

2) Retire, living on a meager monthly income, battling to save $5 on their phone bill like college co-eds all over again.

Is this the picture of success we’re all striving for?

Is this what the “golden years” are supposed to feel like?

Is this why we force ourselves to work every day, leaving our kids to be babysat by strangers and raised by teachers we hope are doing a good job?

It can’t be.

A Sobering Reality

Three generations of Canadians have accepted Mutual Funds – without question – as the “gold standard” in retirement success.

Typically the game plan includes three parts:

1) Mutuals

2) A company-matching RRSP program

3) Hoping the Canada Pension Plan will be a safety net if all else fails.

How’s that panned out over the last 10 years?

In 2008, we learned Mutuals are too shaky to be trusted. Trillions in investor wealth were wiped out in a matter of months, generating negative returns for millions of Canadians.

Why greedy investment bankers and really bad mortgage loans written to anyone with two feet and a heartbeat. How is it that bad mortgage loans in the good ol‘ USA could have crippled an entire global marketplace? You see, the whole system is rigged and all of the money in these investment systems is tied together. That is how Canadians retirees almost lost the shirts off their backs on bad US mortgage loans. 

Better hope you aren’t trying to retire in a climate like that.

Most employers have switched to “defined-contribution” pension plans, which means they’re no longer taking responsibility for your retirement pension. It’s all up to you. You are in the driver’s seat, except no one gave you a manual and 10 years of intense study to figure out how to time the markets and make out like a bandit.

And recently, the government’s Plan B of Canada Pension Plan now asks you to work 2-5 more years if you want maximum benefits.

Five years is another half-decade of work, work, work…

If you are a millennial and you are reading this, beware! Your cheques are being stripped for CPP  to help fund the retirement of the baby boom…the largest bulk of the human population moving through time. How much of those contributions do you think will make it to fund your retirement?

Invest and Pray for the Best?

With all this uncertainty, it raises the question: Since when did retirement planning turn into “Invest and Pray for the Best”?

Look around and notice all the exhausted 50-year-olds forced to slug it out at work longer than they want to.

They are the product of the “traditional” path of financial planning.

As much as your Mutual Fund rep (who’s really a salesperson) tells you to “stay the course”, atome point you need to ask yourself if the destination is worth the high cost of the trip.

Financial planning using our parents’ retirement plan is like rearranging deck chairs on the Titanic. It’s the “hope, wish and pray” model of retirement planning. We hope that our investments do well, we wish that we can enjoy early retirement and travel the globe, we pray that the market never turns on us and leaves us destitute and living in our kid’s basement suite.

At some point, you need to question if you’re on the right ship at all.

Escape the Slaughterhouse – A New Plan for a New Economy

There is hope.

Today, more and more Canadians have realized they’ll never achieve their dreams… if they stick with the traditional paths I just highlighted.

I’m guessing you’ve thought about faster paths to wealth… Maybe investing in stocks or real estate.

Maybe you’ve even started a business.

Personally, I’m a big fan of real estate investing. It’s a big part of my portfolio.

And if you’ve got the time and money, it’s a great way for a well-trained person to get ahead.

I’ll warn you though: Tearing out toilets and chasing down tenants for rent cheques quickly becomes a second full-time job.

Not to mention the steep, long learning curve required to manage tenants, get repairs completed, and decipher the avalanche of “legalese” needed to invest in property.

All of this education comes with a price tag.

Training, courses, lawyer fees, and most importantly precious time, time, time… oh so precious time – the only resource you can never, ever get back.

I also love business owners. Business skills typically have found a way to add value to others by turning their skills, knowledge, and expertise into products, services, and innovation that drive our economy and create incredible jobs for others. 

But, if you are in business, then you more than most understand what the school of hard knocks has to offer. With a changing tax system, shifting oil prices and the flip-flopping of the Canadian dollar any number of things can turn your business dreams into a 100+ hour per week nightmare. 

Most business owners have taken on more risk than anyone, other than their spouse will ever know to try and succeed. The last place you show be taking additional risk in is the cash flow you need to preserve to keep the business operations running smooth. If the market shifts and your business is impacted it’s critical that your stored capital is safe and secure so you can get your baby (the business) through the lean times and steer it out of the stormy weather. 

The Lesser of Two Evils

For the longest time I just assumed I’d have to pick between two different paths:

1) The traditional, “easy-but-broke” route:

Low effort and low returns – Mutual Funds, RRSPs, the “traditional” route. Financial mediocrity at best.  At least everyone else around the dinner table is doing it so they’ll approve of your choice.  You’ll have many sympathetic shoulders to cry on if the path ends in financial disaster like in 2008.

2) The supposedly “risky” alternative path:

Take on a second job to run a business or portfolio of properties. Much stronger financial potential, but also huge risks if the market tanks, and requires many hours of work every month.  Could include sleepless nights worrying about reckless tenants trashing your rental property, or the 1,001 “what if” scenarios should you suffer a crippling vacancy.

So imagine how ecstatic I was when I stumbled across…

The Best of Both Financial Worlds

The Infinite Banking Concept®  is a simple strategy to maximize your time and energy invested, while carefully minimizing risk.

In Canada, by implementing this concept you can create a Private Wealth System. That is, a system (combination of parts working together), that is built on the backbone of a “private contract” where you can re-direct your cash flow and store your wealth. By making deposits into this specially designed private contract you “bank” them or store them for usage. Just like a blood bank is a storage facility for the medical industry. The private contract becomes a storage facility, a warehouse for your wealth. All of this, plus rock-solid growth and numerous guarantees to ensure your success. The pAll of this, plus rock-solid growth and numerous guarantees to ensure your success. In fact, in Canada, private contracts like this have been producing annual dividends for owners every single year since 1848! That’s before Canada was officially a country. The BNA act (now known as The Constitution Act) was signed in 1867. This is when Canada officially became its own country, 150 years ago (as of July 2017)!

And – best of all – the whole program gets set up for you. With only a few hours of work per year, you’ll have a solid, revenue-generating program in place. 

Too Good To Be True?

Suspicious this is some get-rich program or network marketing scheme?

Nope. It’s building a Private Wealth System, a method personally used by Walt Disney, Ray Kroc (McDonald’s), and J.C. Penney to build their financial empires.  It’s practical, steady, and proven.

And now it’s available to everyday Canadians, just like you and me.

Family Banking – Modified for Everyday Canadians

As I began investigating how the richest families earned and kept their wealth, I realized almost every single one of them understood how to control the banking aspect of their life. They are always looking and planning long-term…in fact, almost all wealthy families focus on maximizing generational wealth transfer so their accumulated wealth can pass as tax efficiently as possible to the people and causes they love and care about.

Robert Kiyosaki – the author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, has often shared one of the keys his Rich Dad taught him. It was the definition of “financial intelligence”. His Rich Dad defined financial intelligence as this:

It’s not how much money you make, but how much money you keep, how hard it works for you, and how many generations you keep it for.

Now, their Private Wealth System’s are much bigger and more complicated than mine because they’re overseeing colossal piles of money. They have teams of lawyers, accountants, insurance and estate planners, certified cashflow specialist and too many experts to count!

But one thing wealthy families have in common is they all understood how crucial it was to control their own money, instead of handing it over to someone else.

After researching how Family Banks worked in the U.S.A. I learned how to create systems specifically for Canadian families and business owners.

It’s three simple steps.  It took me less than $6,000 and just a few hours working with a well-trained, expert coach to get set up on my very first program.  Within twenty-one days, I was up and running. Since then I have added to my system several times and increases its size substantially. Most folks get started with their programs depositing $10,000 – $50,000 a year. 

Since then I’ve made it my mission in life to help others get their systems set up just like mine.

To date, I’ve helped dozens of Canadian families and many Canadian businesses harness the power a Private Wealth System to get out of debt, secure the lifestyle they want and feel great about the future.

It’s No Mistake Investment Bankers Made Loads Of Cash, Even During the Recession…they even received bailouts for the havoc they caused the world.

During the 2008 – 2012 recession, tens of thousands of North Americans lost their jobs and tens of thousands of homes went into foreclosure.

But one group kept on making good money…I think you know who I’m talking about here.

To be clear, there are two very different kinds of bankers.

1) Fat cats in monster banks who kept cashing in million-dollar bonuses despite their customers losing billions in wealth.

2) Everyday Canadians with private a Private Wealth System. Hard-working people just like you and me, who had the foresight to tap into the amazing system I’ve just described.

The bottom line is this: When you control your own private warehouse of capital and you make all the rules – you are on track to make all of the profits.

Works Like Magic, But Based on Science

Call it science, call it math, call it whatever you want, but running my Private Wealth System has been predictable and methodical. As my mentor, R. Nelson Nash says “it’s a peaceful, stress free way of life.”

When these programs are designed properly you have a contract that’s on legal steroid and cash values are guaranteed to grow every single day. It’s a powerful way to live!

(Not to mention easy and fun.)

As my returns have improved and my other ventures have prospered, I’ve been depositing more and more cash into my Private Wealth System. From here I can take advantage of any opportunity I see on the horizon. Want to acquire some gold and silver or precious metals? Do it, use your system to make it happen. See an undervalued real estate property that just came on the market and need to make the initial deposit to lock up the contract? Do it! Your car broke down and you need to replace it? Do it! Have a quarterly tax bill due for your business or you have to pay your accountant and bookkeeper when the bill comes in? Access your warehouse and put it to work. The key is to replace what you have taken out…but you get to decide when and how you do it.

The growth, control, and flexibility are truly thrilling.

Instead of losing your savings to inflation, your money grows and multiplies. 

You can also “multi-task” your money – you can have it do two profitable things for you simultaneously. (Click below to learn more about how this works). 

Having my own Private Wealth System has been a turbo boost to my success. It’s given me confidence and hope for the future like never before.

I want to see you in the same position six months from now.

The Private Wealth System – Could it Work for You?

They don’t work for everyone.

They certainly are not a plan to “get rich quick”.

If you are always chasing the “next best thing” and have a tough time staying committed to a long term program then this system may not be for you.

But, if you want to really liberate your finances and have the power in your hands, are prepared to think long range and are coachable then this may be for you. At the very least it never hurts to learn more and see the system in action. Register to get access to see how this program can work – click for access now.

If you’re anything like the many Canadians I’ve already helped, building your own Private Wealth System using the Infinite Banking Concept® may improve your financial destiny forever.

Richard Canfield

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The Rich Have Used Family Banks To Build
Wealth and Freedom For Decades